Happy Bitch Wine Reveal

NOAA EPP Biennial Educational and Science Forum

An example where all elements (pictures, logo animations and script) were supplied to Solaris 3 Productions for editing into a completed video

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"I've worked with Kimberly and her team at Solaris 3 Productions on numerous client projects.  They always produce a first rate product.  Kim is attentive to my client's needs and gets great results.  I highly recommend Kim and Solaris 3 Productions if you are looking to enhance your brand with video!

Monica Jones, Creative Director, 3D Studios - Bringing Brands to Life

All Demos were shot and edited by Solaris 3 Productions and scripted in collaboration with each client

Greater Rochester International Airport Modernization Video

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Pesto Diavolo in Steamed Mussels with Chef Arnone

Video Marketing is NOW!

Whether you are looking to have a commercial produced for TV, or want to enhance your website with video, realize that most successful businesses and organizations are dedicating about 60% of their marketing budget to VIDEO!

Just some stats:
Millennials (those born between 1985 and 2000) are the newest group of consumers!  And they love video!  58% of Millennials surveyed ONLY watch Video and they do it on their mobile devices!

76% of Millennials follow companies on YouTube and more than 50% follow companies on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

Most Millennials say that they use video to help with their purchasing process!  If Millennials are not your current customers they soon will be!  Are you marketing towards them yet through video!   If not, NOW IS THE TIME to develop your video presence on the web! 

THAT is where we come in!


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Our team has over 50 years of experience in news production which means we know how to tell a story in a short amount of time while keeping the interest of the viewer.  Our experience in the production of Feature Segments gives us the creative know how to make that piece entertaining and inspiring while keeping the interest of the viewer!

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